Riess is a family owned company, manufacturing enamel kitchenware in a small picturesque village in Austria for over 200 years.

The Riess kitchenware range is not factory produced with the press of a button, instead it is crafted and hand-finished by skilled artisans to achieve a level of quality Riess has consistently produced since 1550.

Electricity from the factory is generated by three hydroelectric power plants powered by a stream that flows beside the factory. Waste is unacceptable to Riess, who recycle all resources where ever possible.

You can be confident they are made to last, with every pot shaped from a single piece of steel, and hand sprayed wih 4 coats of glass enamel and baked between coats in vast kilns, with the Riess logo being added by hand to the base of each pot before the final firing. Each pot is inspected prior to being packed for shipping.

Riess kitchenware is non-porous, anti-bacterial, easy to clean, non-colour fading, nickel free, food and dishwasher safe.

The pots offer excellent heat conductivity which ensures its suitable for any induction, gas, wood or electric oven or stovetop.

Riess pots are suitable for any induction, gas, wood or electric oven or stovetop to a maximum tempereture of 220 degrees C.

When cooking, you should use silicone or wooden cooking implements only. Do not place empty pans on high heat stove top as crazing may occur. Glass enamel will chip if dropped.